What are picks" How do "picks" work?

Example, if you have chosen to reserve/purchase 1st Pick Male. When the pups are ready to be chosen at 6 weeks of age you get to choose which one you want before anyone else gets to choose. Then the person with second pick gets to chose. Then third gets to choose. Let’s say there is 4 males and you have reserved 4th pick. You get the one remaining after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chose. If there are 6 males born and you have 4th pick than you’ll be able to chose between the remaining 3 pups, then 5th pick choose and 6th pick gets the last pup is left. This principle works exactly the same on the female side also.

Are the pups registered?

Yes, pups are registered with UKC which is the most official registry for the bully breed. All registries automatically recognize UKC registration. So you can double, triple, quadruple register your pup with any registry you so choose. This doesn’t work in the opposite direction. Example if a pup is registered with ABKC UKC and other registries will NOT automatically recognize and approve registry. That’s why we only breed UKC registered litters.

Are the pups vaccinated?

Yes, we go way above and beyond what any other breeder does. We have the most stringent vaccination protocol of any breeder I’ve ever seen. We have a full staff and on site medical facility with on call vets and obviously they are also taken into our primary USDA accredited veterinarian for full health screening. Our protocols also include genetics testing of breading stock. Our methods were developed with many years of experience and expert council. As such a lot of our process is proprietary and is only discussed with clients and their vets.

Do you ship? what is that process?

We encourage customers to come to pick up their pup in person either at our 100 acre working ranch in Atlanta GA or at our West Coast division in Murrieta CA. However, we understand that is not always a viable option. So we do provide shipping options worldwide.

Domestic shipping is simple. We use a company called PetSafe they operate on united. Once pup is ready to go has all needed vaccinations health certification ect. The pup gets booked to its destination. You simply go to the PetSafe hub at your airport. We will obviously provide the address, flight information, confirmation numbers, Airway bill and Journey number. You simply bring you ID and confirmation number we provide and they release the pup to you. It is safe and convenient. The cost is $400.00. Canada and PR have the same simple protocals and cost.

International shipping is subject to restrictions and and further documentation. In most cases, to most countries. The puppy is required to get rabies vaccination at 12 weeks and then can be shipped 30 days after rabies vaccination and micro chip is administered. The cost is generally between $1,500.00 and $2,500.00.

How do you accept payments? How does the payment process work?

Unlike most breeders we are an actual company. We accept all forms of payment. Receivable accounts at Bank of America, We accept Credit and Debit card, Bank wire, Bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, ect. If you have it we most likely accept it if not we’ll look it to getting whatever it is that you have if we don’t.

Generally, a deposit is placed to reserve a “pick” standard deposit is $1,000.00. However, if it’s a 1st pick or a pup over $10,000.00 then 20% is required. Also if the pup is going international than the deposit is $2,000.00. The remaining balance is just required to be paid before the pup is eligible to go home at 9.5 weeks. You can choose to make small payments to break it up. Or pay the balance in full at pick up or prior to shipping.

Example lets say there is a breeding you want to reserve a pick from. For example, that breeding is happening today. There is a 63-day pregnancy and 9.5 week whelping process. So after the deposit is made that allows approx. 4.5 months total to pay the remaining balance or break it up into smaller payments over that time period. So the math is simple from there if the breeding happened a month ago you would have 3.5 months to pay the balance. If the breeding is going to happen in a month then you will have 5.5 months to pay of the balance. In the extremely rare case that a puppy is ready to go home now and isn’t already reserved then payment would need to be made in full now.

Is there a contract?

Yes, once we decide what pup or pick your going to reserve. We will just need your full name. How it appears on ID. Also the best E-mail address to send the agreement to. Our system is all digital you can fill out the agreement and sign from your phone or just about any device. It is then automatically sent back to me for approval. Make sure you fill out all required areas and hit the “SUBMIT” button when it lights up Green. If the “SUBMIT” button does not light up green. It means there is something you didn’t fill out. If you have any problems or questions, please call/txt me. Once the payment is submitted and verified. We then sign off and stamp payment as PAID on the agreement. This will reflect total charges, amount PAID, and the total of any remaining balance due. The system then emails you and I, both the fully executed document to serve as signed agreement and payment receipt.


When you fill out the agreement. Use the address on you DL. Your information will be used solely for the purpose of Health Certification documents and medical records. The information on the health certification has to match your ID identically. This is very IMPORTANT! Shipping authorities will require ID to release the pup to you when you go to pick up at delivery terminal. The information has to match the information I provide to them on the health certification documents. My staff and shipping agents use the information you provide on this agreement to prepare those documents.